Spotted: Windows 8 Phone in the hands of Chuck Bass


Is Nokia Lumia 920 the New Smartphone Must Have?

Who is Chuck Bass? He is a fictional character that appears in the Gossip Girl series. He can be characterized as extremely stylish, rich, powerful and as someone who gets what he wants, in general.

In the latest episode of Gossip Girl’s sixth season, he was spotted browsing the web using a Windows 8 phone, very much likely to be  Nokia Lumia 920 or Windows Phone 8x by HTC.  Big brands are often promoting their latest products in popular TV shows, but until now Gossip Girl showed off  the iPhone 5 and earlier the Blackberry. So are the Windows phones taking central stage?

Nokia Lumia 920, for instance, it is a very innovative mobile device. However, Nokia’s positions on the market weakened in the past years, while many users are yet to discover the Windows Phone. That is why Lumia 920 will have to travel a long way before reaching the popularity of the iPhone and pushing Nokia closer to Apple. Keep in mind, five years ago Apple was also off the mobile phone market until it launched the first iPhone. Therefore, a question pops up: Will Nokia Lumia 920 overtake Apple’s iPhone?

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. iPhone 5

Until now, the smartphone battle for dominance was lead between Apple and Samsung. Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III were often compared and contrasted. However, now another opponent – Nokia Lumia 920 – enters the ring. The new Lumia has a big display and its design is quite interactive. In addition, Nokia’s phone is easy to work with and users can pick between a number of colours. Also, Lumia 920 is discussed for the good quality of its camera.

Some tech articles focus on the question why people should pick iPhone 5 over Lumia 920. However, we are going to try to change that game and see if Nokia’s smartphone can surpass Apple’s mobile device.

Design – Lumia 920 is very much noticeable with its wide variety of colours. Users can choose between black, white, red, grey and yellow devices. iPhone 5, on the other hand, is either black or white, very much Armani like. However, Apple’s phone is thinner than the Lumia. In addition, Nokia’s device is somewhat chunky, while Apple’s is very smooth.
Winner: It’s a draw.

Screen – Lumia 920 has a 4.5” screen and 322ppi. Also, its resolution is equal to 1280×768. In comparison, iPhone 5’s display is only 4” and it comes with a 1136×640 resolution. Here it is clear that Nokia’s phone has better display parameters.
Winner: Nokia Lumia 920

Camera – The Lumia phone has to cameras – a 8.7mpx back camera and a 1.2mpx rear one. Among the cameras’ features are dual LED flash, autofocus, PureView function and Carl Zeiss optics. Apple’s device also has two cameras. However, its back one is only 8mpx. iPhone 5 has plenty of camera features like face detection, geo tagging, LED flash and panoramic options. But Nokia’s rear camera performs better than that of the latest iPhone.
Winner: Nokia Lumia 920

Storage Capacity – In this category, iPhone 5 demonstrates some significant power. Apple’s smartphone comes into 3 different versions depending on its internal storage – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Nokia Lumia 920, however, offers one edition which can store only 32GB – easy to buy it, without confusion between. For the majority of users, this could be an advantage as the 32GB is pretty very much enough. Still, the availability of more options is always regarded as a sign of high quality.
Winner: iPhone 5

Apps – Nokia Lumia 920 has a Windows Phone 8 operating system and iPhone 5 runs on iOS 6. As a result, the iPhone offers way more applications. In comparison, Lumia 920 impresses with its Lens Caps and Nokia Maps apps. Nevertheless, that cannot top Apple’s 700,000 applications.
Winner: iPhone 5

Price – The price of iPhone 5 varies according to its storage capacity. It starts at $199 and it reaches $399. Since Nokia Lumia 920 has only one edition and one price – $99.99. Yet that is lower than iPhone’s price.
Winner: Nokia Lumia 920

Services – The two devices offer 2G, 3G and LTE services. Nokia’s smartphone also has NFC and wireless charging. In addition, Lumia 920 users can charge their phone with any USB cable. In comparison, Apple’s newest iPhone works only with the Lightning cable.
Winner: Nokia Lumia 920

The final result of the smartphone comparison is 4 points or Lumia 920 and 2 for iPhone5. Nokia’s phone does have a few drawbacks, but it certainly has some great advantages over Apple’s device.

Nokia Lumia 920 has all the necessary ingredients to become the next most popular smartphone. But will that happen and will it surpass the fame of iPhone 5? That question still remains open… for now.


  1. I would question the design…
    Given that all iphone users more than 80% feel they must have a
    phone case and actually do need it to protect it.
    The lumia 920 is a far better design as it is a “mobile device by design”
    The flexibility of use ” works with gloves and pens”
    And the basic fact that you can appreciate the design everyday you use it,… because you can see it! show it! feel it!
    its not hidden in a ugly rubber boot….

  2. The choice of design depends very much on the personality. Most of the people are somewhat smart-casual and the Lumia may be better for them with its bright colors.