2012 Top 5 Smartphones Review


Smartphones are not only mobile devices that connect us to the world, but a fashion statement and a great phenomenon. A smartphone enables you to work from anywhere and play any time.

This new generation of mobile phones changed our perceptions of technology with their countless highly advanced features. Smartphones now allow users to take great quality pictures on the go and share them with the world. Only a few years ago, this technology was unimaginable, but today it exists and it is used in our everyday lives. Moreover, you can even even style you images with the appropriate mobile application as Instagram also on the go, while you are at taxi or on a plane lets say.

Surely, you know at least one person who is dreaming of a smartphone. Maybe you also want one, if you do not have it yet?

However, the modern market is flooded with smartphones by different tech brands, making your choice harder than ever. That is why we decided to give you a hand in the picking. In this article we will list the five best smartphones that you can buy as a Christmas gift this year.

Apple iPhone 5

Many people are lured by this smartphone only because of the fact that this is Apple’s latest iPhone. However, there are various other reasons why this phone is worth buying. The first thing that will attract your attention is the device’s new design. The Apple iPhone 5 is ultra-thin with its 7.6mm. In addition, it is as light as a feather (112g). All that makes Apple’s new smartphone one of the most elegant mobile devices on the market. Also, its look is completed by its classy housing from aluminium. Shortly put, iPhone 5 is designed in a simple and minimalistic way, which is a true joy for the eye.

In addition, the specs of Apple’s device are quite impressive. As a start, the latest iPhone has a crazy resolution of 1,136x640px at an amazing 326 PPI. The smartphone offers an option for memory extension up to 64GB. That makes it suitable for people who love to store content on their phones. Also, iPhone 5 has an 8mpx camera which can record 1080p HD video at 30fps. With it latest smartphone, Apple provides many improvements, like a 1.2mpx front camera and a 5-element sapphire lens that offer more resilience. iPhone 5 has an A6 1.2GHz processor which allows the device to work faster and better.

Like with the previous iPhones, the apps are one of the main advantage of this phone. Users can find a huge collection of applications in the App Store of Apple. An interesting fact that you should bear in mind is that iOS apps are more than those developed for Android. Also, iPhone 5 offers wallet features which are expected to gain more popularity in the near future. Apple’s smartphone comes with a 4G service that enables the best mobile network connection in the world.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung showed off their smartphone at the beginning of the year. However, the device quickly turned into the company’s most sold product. The phone shines with its looks. It has a big 4.8” screen and a smooth, round and slim design. The stylish colours of the chassis of Samsung Galaxy S III add up to its class and beauty.

The great design comes with a list of amazing specifications. The display of this Samsung smartphone has a 1,280×720 resolution, which, together with the huge size of the screen, make viewing a pleasure. Samsung Galaxy S III has a slot for micro SD card and an internal memory of 64GB. The total memory capacity of this slim device can reach up to the massive 128GB. That means that you can store tons of files on this mobile phone! The processor of the device is a 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos4412 and the battery’s life is long enough to keep you amused during trips and travels.

Samsung Galaxy S III has also some great video specs. On it you can store and watch 720p HD clips. In addition, you can output them on you home TV. This smartphone has an 8mpx rear camera and a 1.9mpx front camera. In addition, the phone uses the operating system 4.1 Jelly Bean and in 2013 it will upgrade to Android 4.2.

Samsung Galaxy S III supports NFC service with which you can easily purchase various items and services.

Google Nexus 4

Google launched Nexus 4 not long ago, but it already gained popularity among the smartphone users. Similar to the tiny tablet Nexus 7, this device offers impressive and high-quality specs on a very low price. The 8GB edition of Nexus 4 can be purchased only for less than $400. It runs on the newest version of the operating system Android – 4.2 Jelly Bean. That provides more features to the users like Swype keyboard. In addition, Nexus 4 has an 8mpx rear camera, that can shoot HD videos, and a 1.2mpx front camera. With them you can fully enjoy Jelly Bean’s option of 360-degree phone capture.

Google’s latest smartphone has some great power within. Nexus 4 comes with a 2GB RAM and a quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor. Also, the battery has enough juice to keep the device running for a few hours. It terms of design, this Google smartphone reminds of Samsung’s Galaxy – thin and clean. However, in its back, Nexus 4 has a glass finish and on its sides – rubber, that makes it more comfortable to grip. Google’s latest smartphone is only 9mm thick and it weighs 139g.

Nexus 4 is one of the cheapest top-quality smartphones that you can find this Christmas. No wonder it was sold out so quickly on its first week on the market. Despite the low price, the functions of this device can compete with those of other famous smartphones. If that is not enough, Google Nexus 4 has a capability for wireless charging.

Nokia Lumia 920

There are many good reasons to buy this phone. Unlike other smart devices, Nokia Lumia’s display does not impress with its size. Still, it offers a 1.280x768mpx resolution. Also, the camera of the new Nokia Lumia 920 uses PureView technology and it has an 8.7mpx sensor, stabilization of the full image and f2 Carl Zeiss lens.

The processor of this smartphone is 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon which helps the device to run better its additional features like NFC and wireless charging. Also, the design of Nokia Lumia 920 comes in a wide variety of colour options.

The operating system of the phone deserves a special mention. 920 has the new Windows Phone 8 OS. The apps developed for this smartphone are not many, but they will surely be more next year. One of the apps that are already available for this phone is Nokia Maps, which is one of the best applications in the cartographic aid category.

Nokia Lumia 920 is suitable for people who are tired of the Apple and Android devices. In addition, it is one of the best budget-friendly smartphones this holiday season.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

If you are not satisfied with our suggestions so far, you can consider the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 . Samsung’s device has a 5.5” display. Similar to Nexus 4, Note 2 surprises with a 2GB RAM and a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos processor, with which no smartphone can compete. These specs provide a better gaming and media-viewing experience. The quality of its battery also surpasses many of its rivals.

This phablet has the trademark curvy Samsung design, making the device look and feel amazing. Galaxy Note 2 is only 9.4mm thick and it weighs 183g. That means that it is lighter than Nokia Lumia 920. Samsung’s phablet comes with an S Pen which again makes it stand out among the other smart devices. With the S Pen users can write, draw, and make annotations. That makes Note 2 perfect for both leisure and business activities. In our camp, this is the best smartphone for IT professionals on the go.

However, the device may not appeal to everyone, because it is bigger than a normal smartphone. It is more expensive than other Samsung smartphones, but it is less expensive than Apple’s iPhone 5. Surely people who will value it high.

Other smartphones like Sony Xperia T and HTC Windows Phone 8X also perform and look well. Nevertheless, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is different in terms of size and features.