Nokia Lumia 920, Windows Phone 8 Review


The flagship Windows Phone 8 phone, Nokia’s Lumia 920, goes on sale through Microsoft Store. The smartphone is  an attention grabber: bright, with a 4.5-inch tall screen and equipped with dual-core Snapdragon processor. There are some minor issues with battery life and overheating that are reported by a small number of customers, but they sound more as misunderstandings than real concerns.

 Nokia’s Lumia 920 may be one of the most anticipated by high tech enthusiasts smartphones released this year.

The device has a Gorilla Glass screen and a polycarbonate case. The finishing is just  excellent. The phone is reportedly a little heavy for some, but with the time users will get use to it. The screen is slightly raised from the rest of the device, which might make it susceptible to breaking if you drop the phone on its screen. It may seem a bit unusual to Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III fans.

The Lumia 920’s screen is 4.5 inches tall. It is bright, with a high resolution at 768 by 1280 pixels, and it is very good for reading, browsing the web and surfing images. The colors are bright and the text is sharp.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is one of fastest and most responsive smartphones. The UI is much faster than any Android offering. The Windows Phone 8 interface is very similar to Windows Phone 7 on the surface.

There are new features also in Windows Phone 8. Skype for Windows Phone 8 is always visible in the background, unless you go offline or invisible.

If you are a Facebook fan, you can associate your Facebook account with your Windows Phone. It will import all your Facebook contacts and it will show you who of your friends is online.

There is also an in-build function called Kid’s Corner, which is great for parents. It allows you to set up a partition on your phone with only certain apps in it. Your kid may use it without you worrying about he or she deleting emails or calling your friends. Setting up the Kid’s Corner it is easy as well as adjusting its settings.

Once you have Smartglass up and running, you need to sign into Smartglass and the Xbox 360. You have  to use the same Microsoft account. When you’re playing music on your Xbox 360 or Windows 8 device, your phone can act as a second screen, providing you with extra information about the artist. To use this feature,  you need to set up yet another extra called teh Xbox Music Guide. You can also use your phone as a controller for your Xbox. You can play and pause music streaming on your Xbox when you are in onother room.

When you first attach your Live ID to your Windows Phone 8 device, you have the option of trialling Xbox Music Pass for 30 days. Unless you have the Xbox Music Pass, you won’t be able to stream music on your phone. You can, however, still buy songs from the Xbox Music store.

You should not have too many applications running in the background at the same time in order  to prevent  the device from overheating. According to Nokia, there is an in-built safety mechanism in the smartphone that will close some apps automatically or the device switches off.

Nokia Lumia models are available for online purchase at Microsoft Store with different plans, although not available for every country in the world.