iPad Mini in Apple’s Black Friday event?


As we already reported earlier this week, Apple announced a big shopping event to mark this year’s Black Friday. The company promoted its upcoming holiday sales with a poster, in the center of which is iPad Mini. Naturally, tech enthusiasts and technology lovers are wondering whether Apple plans to include the iPad Mini tablet in the event or not.

If that happens, many users will gladly invest in this device, which is by the way available for purchase on Amazon for $411. According to a Nielsen survey, the most coveted Christmas gift among kids this year is the iPad. However, the company remains very cryptic about the whole situation and it still hasn’t commented on the speculations. That is why we decided to dig deeper and predict if there are any chances of iPad mini discounts this week. Do not hope for iPhone 5 any time soon, or at least until the next Black Friday!

Signs that Point to “Yes”

If Apple includes iPad Mini in the Black Friday event, that would increase its sales. Also, Apple’s tiny tablet was launched together with a bunch of other products of the company like upgraded MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and ultra thin iMac. Maybe Apple decided that its new tablet deserves more attention. In addition, if Apple offers iPad mini at a lower price, it would hit rivals like Amazon and Microsoft, who already announced tablet discounts for the holiday season.

Signs that Point to “No”

Apple doesn’t normally offer Black Friday deals on its newest products. Why would that change now? Also, iPad Mini sales are going amazingly well. The company sold over 3 million units in its first weekend. Moreover, this trend is still going strong and it doesn’t need any extra boosting. And let us be honest, there are other Apple devices that need some more promoting and discounting.


Unfortunately, Apple is not very much likely to include the iPad Mini in the Black Friday deals. That is mainly due to the fact that the tablet is the company’s newest product. In addition, Apple’s next tech wonder is expected to hit the markets in the first quarter of 2013, which again points to “no” iPad mini discounts.

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