Black Friday 2012 – Predictions and Expectations


Black Friday serves as a countdown to the Christmas holidays and all the gifts shopping that accompany  them. Despite the fact that the global economy is still struggling to keep its head above the water, shopping analysts believe that Black Friday 2012 profits will reach new heights. The variety of deals worth investing in is large. However, this year’s Black Friday top shopping trend is expected to be electronic devices.

Big Promotions for (some) Electronic Devices

Latest researches reveal that electronic devices will be the most popular Christmas gift this year. About 28% of all people who plan to hit the stores this Black Friday say that they will buy electronics. In comparison, only 4% will get jewelry presents and 18% – clothes and accessories. Some experts even claim that the electronic gifts percentage will reach more that 33%. However, for now, predictions are not very bold, since the price of such devices is typically higher that the ones of other items.

Nevertheless, electronic developers and manufacturers are expected to greatly lower the costs of their newest products. That is because there is no new product launch on the market right now. Most consumers already own a smartphone or a tablet. The only thing that they can do now is to upgrade. This Black Friday, people will most likely be attracted by Apple’s latest iPhone and the tablets that flooded the market over the last few months.

Even though experts predict big promotions and discounts on the electronics market, that is not going to affect all devices. Hugely popular products like iPad mini and Kindle Fire HD are not expected to become cheaper for the holidays.

Black Friday Three-Year Downtrend Goes in the Past

This year, at least half of the consumers are expected to shop during the Black Friday sales. That finally puts an end to the Black Friday downtrend from the last three years.

Moreover, in 2012 Black Friday sales are expected to start as early as the US holiday for Thanksgiving Day (November 22). Many big stores have already planned to start the big sales even a day earlier.

Studies show a new emerging tendency among buyers this year. Many people have stated that they will do an online research of the prices before they head to the shops. In addition, more and more consumers think that early showrooming will play a decisive role in their choice of products. This is why, even in Dubai, you can already see the Christmas shopping brochures of the biggest stores.

Retail Revenues Mark Growth

On this year’s Black Friday retail sales are expected reach a new peak. Most stores will gain higher profits compared to previous holiday seasons. In fact, retail sales are doing great.

Black Friday Tips

Even though this Black Friday the prices of many of the items will seem like a bargain, don’t rush into buying. Jewelry, calendars and watches are expected to become cheaper after mid-December, just in a week before Christmas.

HDTVs will be a hit this Black Friday. As results, there will be some great sales and promos for these devices. However, you may want to wait until January 2013. Then TV prices usually reach their lowest point.

Unfortunately, as we already mentioned, Apple’s iPhone and tablets are not going to be included in the big sales. Therefore, don’t get your hopes too high.

In general, Black Friday 2012 predications look more promising than the last couple of years. The reason for that is that retailers are ready to cut the prices. In addition, consumers are slowly staring to gain backconfidence that was struck by the economic recession a few years ago.