Arab mobile apps developers among world’s best


Three mobile apps from Bahrain, Jordan and Lebanon win at UN-based World Summit Award mobile – In February 2013, winners will gather in Abu Dhabi for a global conference

Mobile apps from Bahrain, Jordan and Lebanon have been awarded at the World Summit Award for mobile content (WSA-mobile). With a total of three winners, Arab developers approved their good reputation in the field of mobile content production. “The contest results demonstrate that Arab countries have become a global hub for mobile innovation”, WSA Chairman Peter A. Bruck states.

Mobile innovation – made in Arab countries

Arab developers made the grade with apps for mobile learning, business and entertainment. Jordan’s Math Mage teaches children math skills in an entertaining way. To succeed on their journey through a fantasy world, children have to solve mathematical problems. Lebanon’s Dermandar has created a novel way for taking panoramic images. The user interface is composed of two complementary shapes that join each other when the user rotates the device accordingly. Bahrain’s Mobicash allows customers to withdraw cash from the Bank’s ATMs without having to use a bankcard.

A World of mobile apps

Taken together, this year’s 40 awardees demonstrate that in a world of six billion mobile connections, the future belongs to mobile apps. Due to the large number of nominating countries, most winners come from Europe (21). However, awardees from Asia (8), Africa (2) South America (4), North America (2) and the Arab countries (3) demonstrate that mobile innovation is a global phenomenon: “Our goal is to find apps that really make a difference for people around the globe”, states Peter A. Bruck, pointing at the UN agenda of the global award. “This year’s awardees demonstrate the richness and diversity of mobile apps. And they clearly show that there is a lot going on outside Europe and the USA. If we want to make use of mobile technology’s full potential, these trends must not be ignored.”

Abu Dhabi – World Summit of mobile diversity

All the winners of this year’s contest will be invited to Abu Dhabi. From February 3rd to 5th 2013, WSA-mobile and key partner ADSIC will host a global congress for mobile content, – turning Abu Dhabi in the hot spot of the mobile world.

The event will offer a platform for the awardees to present their services and projects to potential partners and investors. Furthermore, an on sight jury will select the best winning product in every single one of the eight contest categories – the mobile champions 2013.

The 40 Winners of World Summit Award mobile 2012:

1) m-Learning & Education:
Back in Time: Portugal
Project Noah: Canada
Knowledge Pulse: Austria
Math Mage: Jordan
Wild Chords: Finland

2) m-Entertainment & Lifestyle:
Shadow Cities: Finland
Star Walk: Russia
QTOM: Germany
Dermandar: Libanon
Ozo Knyga: Lituania

3) m-Business & Commerce:
Hostelworld: Ireland
Streetspotr: Germany
iButterfly: China
Keapo: Paraguay
Mobicash: Bahreïn

4) m-Government & Participation:
Roadroid: Sweden
Transforming Access and Discovery of Digital Library Resources for the Gen-C (Connected Generation): Singapore
MyFunCity: Brazil
Towngas: China
i-Police: Nigeria

5) m-Environment & Health:
Life with Cancer: Denmark
Social Diabetes: Spain
Positive Technology: Italy
Hormone Check: Norway
Prognosis: Your Diagnosis: Sri Lanka

6) m-Inclusion & Empowerment:
Magic Reader: Japan
AlzNav: Portugal
WheelMap: Germany
Design and Implementation of an application kit for visually impaired people using the Android SDK : Écuador
Hand Talk: Brazil

7) m-Tourism & Culture:
Map2app: Italy
Tripwolf: Austria
Taxipal: Estonia
Harpoen: Indonesia
Deriveapp 2.0, Uganda

8) m-Media & News:
Scoopshot: Finland
News Service: USA/ Russia
Traffic Mate: Sri Lanka
Bambuser: Sweden
Maestro Digital Publishing Site: China