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Etisalat launches UAE’s first Arabic domain name for the Yellow Pages


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Get Noticed - $7.99 .Com or .CO from GoDaddy.com! Etisalat Information Services (eIS), a business unit of Etisalat Services Holding today announced the first Arabic domain name for the Yellow Pages in the Middle East, and the revamped Yellow Pages website, improving its user experience.

The UAE Yellow Pages can be accessed by typing yellowpages.ae or yp.ae in English, or by typing in Arabic script safhat-safraa.emarat. The Arabic domain name has been designed to facilitate easy access of Arabic speakers. It will extend the reach of the new website to Arabic Internet users and thus will be helpful to a wider range of customers. Arabic domain name – still rare in the Middle East – is indicative of eIS’s innovative efforts to extend reach of its products to a maximum number of multi-lingual customers. Those who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with Latin characters are now not deprived of the benefits of Yellow Pages.

Speaking on the initiative, Rashid Al Naqbi, General Manager of Etisalat Information Services said: “We are confident that our customers and users will have a better experience using the Yellow Pages of Etisalat, be it online, print or mobile. This initiative is part of our quality commitment and going forward, we will look to continually improve the utility and convenience of our online platforms.” Among the features that have been worked on is the look and feel of the website, which has been improved. The database has been updated reflecting recent changes in the listing while the search speed has been enhanced. More maps have been added to the search results page with all listings on the search page bearing markers on a single easy-to-use map. More information is also available on the listings with advanced search options and city guides have been added for each emirate. Social networking links have also been added to the footer to cater to the growing popularity of social media networks.

eIS partnered with Express Print Publishers (EPP) in June 2011 with a clear business plan to enhance and ensure that Etisalat Yellow Pages are available with enhancement in print, online and mobile.

Etisalat Information Services maintains UAE consumers’ directory listing database, which have been published for more than 30 years. It also produces annual yellow pages telephone directories for residence and commercial usage, besides managing online directories and a mobile application for iPhone.

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