Top 10 Dubai Jobs Online Spots


Hunt for Dubai jobs with the help of Dubai Chronicle’s tips

Executive Openings! Not so long ago Dubai was a relatively small town, although the trading hub of the Middle East. Today, however, things are quite different. Now the city is like a giant business center, world famous  tourist destination and a shopping Mecca.

The rise of Dubai’s economy during the past few decades and in recent days creates innumerable job opportunities for people from every part of the world.  Expats from around the world arrive daily to search for a better life.

A number of websites are quite helpful when looking for a job in Dubai. Here we present you with a list of the 10 most popular Dubai jobs websites.

When we started working on this article we found that there are countless Dubai-focused  job search websites. However, many of them are either fake, spam or are not updated anymore. That is due to the great number of people who try to find a job in Dubai. More business-minded individuals grab this opportunity and flood the Internet with websites offering all kinds of jobs. However, some of them are created simply to accumulate money from ads and traffic, without providing you with any useful information. Be careful with such sites and try to avoid them! They can only waste your time. So, here are the top job websites in Dubai that can actually help you.

1. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is not simply a site for international networking. It can also provide you with information on different companies and show you their latest job offerings. What is more interesting is that there you can join different groups and make new contacts with people, who can give their advices on your choice of career. What’s better than that?

2. Bayt – Like LinkedIn, Bayt is also an international network. It is known among the best job websites, not only in Dubai, but in the Middle East as a whole. Today, on Bayt there more than 20,000 employers who are looking for employees. All the services and features offered by the site are free for job seekers. What is remarkable about Bayt is that the job seekers there are over 1.5 million.

3. Monster Gulf – Again this is an international job web portal. If you are a job seeker, you would love all the features that the site has to offer. So go ahead and try in out!

4. Gulf Talent – In terms of user interfaces, this site surely wins the first prize. In addition, the web portal has got all the needed features for job hunting. However, job searching in Gulf Talent is a bit strict. But the good news is that it offers one of the best jobs in the area.

5. Dubizzle – This job website is for work positions in UAE. The employers who are registered on the site are thousands and are hungry for new employees.

6. Career Jet Dubai – This is a successful job website in the Philippines. However, it recently expanded its network in UAE. It’s young, fresh and new! Go and visit it! Just be careful when typing the address, or may end up applying for a job in the Philippines:

7. Khaleej Times – If you are busy or have troubles working with computers, try Khaleej Times. It has an easy-to-navigate menu which saves lots of time. And no matter whether you are searching for technical, professional or skilled jobs, Khaleej Times will certainly help you.

8. Gulf News Jobs –This is the job section of Gulf Newspaper. It is now updated online too. The site is always buzzing with offers. Our only advice is to ask about the salary. That will save you the trouble of unpleasant and “cheap” surprises.

9. Nadia – Like Gulf News Jobs, Nadia is also part of daily Gulf newspapers. However, it has a disadvantage: job offers are mainly for people who speak Arabic. So keep that in mind.

10. The Emirates Network Jobs – Here you can view the job vacancies even without having to register. Companies and recruitment agencies are required to pay a fee (35-60 dhs). That is a big plus since it weeds out any fake or unprofitable offers.


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