Do you need a wedding planner?


Deciding whether you need professional help with your wedding

Hiring a wedding planner is among many difficult decisions that couples are confronted with when trying to organise their big day. On the one hand it could remove some of the logistical headaches and stress; on the other it adds to the already hefty wedding bill hanging from your shoulders. To help you make an informed choice for your wedding here is a guide to the world of wedding planners.

Taking the hammer to the piggy bank

Let’s get this out of the way first – you don’t have to spend thousands on tying the knot and you don’t have to be super rich to be able to afford the services that a wedding planner will provide. Yes, hiring a wedding planner will push the total cost of your wedding up but (managed correctly) this impact can be softened considerably. The importance of choosing a wedding planner that is right for your wedding cannot be overstressed. It is pointless and unrealistic to bother approaching upmarket wedding planners who are used to handling lavish budgets if you intend your wedding to be a low-key affair. There are plenty of independent wedding consultants who can work wonders with a small budget so don’t be deterred by the idea that only Hollywood stars can afford a wedding planner.

Furthermore, it is totally up to you to specify precisely how much input the planner will have on the wedding. If you want them to simply look over your plans or if you want them to plan and take charge of every last detail, the amount of help you employ from them is entirely up to you. This should reduce the expense of a planner significantly and give you some room to manoeuvre. Set the bar right from the start in terms of budget and consider that the planner will know the industry and will be able to get you deals. Finally, always check whether you will pay a fixed fee or percentage of the budget, as this can vary with different planners.

Some advice

  When choosing your planner the key thing to remember is that you are the customer and you’re always right! Don’t worry about coming across as a bridezilla − your planner will appreciate clear instructions which help them do the job you are paying them for. Alarm bells should ring if your planner constantly criticises your ideas− if they don’t listen or value your opinions give them the boot − a wedding planner is there to use their experience to make your dreams a reality, after all. If you are hiring a planner purely to save time then it makes sense to properly pick the planner. Approach more than one and check if they are members of any professional bodies. Even ask them for a portfolio of weddings they’ve planned in the past. A simple selection exercise would be to search the planner’s name online and see what others have written about them. A search of ‘bad wedding planners’ might unearth some names or companies to avoid! Most of all, arrange how often you will check in with your planner for an update and try to stick to it. Don’t be afraid to make use of their expertise if you are stuck for inspiration but always keep up to date and involved. That way you can be sure the things you have set your heart on are done to your specifications.

All things considered

Making the decision of whether or not you need a wedding planner is dependent on the wedding you want to have. planners can help you achieve even the most outlandish of wedding fantasies and if you intend to have a destination wedding we would thoroughly recommend you consider getting some advice from an expert. Their services come at a price and with so much information now available online the need for a planner could be said to have diminished somewhat, but their experience and knowledge of the industry can still be invaluable. Overall, follow the above guidelines and you will not go far wrong in making this all important of choices and deciding which option is best for you.


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