Why does your sales team badly need training


Nothing can replace the work of a motivated, self confident and skilled sales champion

Advertising spending in the UAE reached $ 1.45 billion in 2011, up from $ 1.43 billion in 2010. This means that the UAE are on top of Arabic Countries, followed by Saudi Arabia in which advertising spending touched $ 1.28 billion in 2011.

These figures reflect the huge effort that companies are putting in terms of strategy and planning.

A big amount of this effort can vanish from or be wasted during the sales process if the sales personnel involved are not skilled, quick or motivated enough.

Whoever is close to sales management knows the frustration of not seeing the results the shareholders, the CEO and the marketing team were expecting due to a lack of “human power” amongst sales professionals.

Creating methodologies, sales plots, complex forms and indicators may work (or not work), but nothing can replace the work of a motivated, self confident and skilled sales champion. But the reality is, many organizations fear talent. Not knowing how to manage it, they prefer not to grow it.

“With my courses I prove that talent can be grown, managed and nourished and that it can bring extraordinary sales results more quickly than anything else”, says Carlo Pignataro.

“Talent, in my opinion, starts with the strong desire of a sales person to go the extra mile in his or her career.”

“So, first of all, I work on motivation and vision while coaching a sales team. Secondly, a sales champion takes responsibility for how he or she is perceived; so we work on body language, on voice control and on language patterns – on those elements of verbal and non verbal communication that create perception.”

Sales is a process that involves human beings. Underestimating perception is one of the biggest mistakes sales people (and the companies they work for) can make.

Carlo Pignataro continues: “Third, we all know that the world today changes at a speed human beings have never experienced before. Competence is no longer a “static” word; what you knew yesterday is no longer enough or valid today and you can always find a client who knows more than you.
Consequently, during my courses I redefine the concept of “competence” into something closer to “investigation” or “research”.

In a multi cultural, yet traditionally-rooted environment like the Middle East, a position in sales is everything but easy. It requires a deep understanding of human behaviour and a personality able to adapt to different situations.

A sales person has to develop world class listening skills and be able to collect information about a client in a heartbeat.

Not being able to do so can result in a lost sale and, when it becomes a habit, in multiple lost sales.

Companies will sooner or later accept the fact that their front liners are performers – and performers need coaching.

A professional football team would never be left without coaching, why should your sales force?

About Carlo Pignataro

Carlo Pignataro is a sales coach with over 15 years experience in the international luxury and consumer goods sector.

He works as coach and consultant for companies, institutions and individuals. His innovative sales programme SELLING SKILLS EMPOWERMENT will be run for the 1st time in Dubai on April 10th and 11th, 2012.

For additional information, please visit www.sellingskillsempowerment.com or call +971 4 214 9042


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