Telcos and smartphones: UAE’s education sector in ICT age


45 percent of mobile phones in operation today are smartphones

60 percent of newly purchased mobile phones today are smartphones

Telecoms play important role in supporting and developing the education sector in U.A.E., according to Ali Alahmed, Etisalat’s Chief Corporate Communication Officer.

During his presentation entitled: ‘Learning in the IT age: Etisalat’s efforts to enhance and develop the education sector in the UAE’, Alahmed stated that the ICT sector is witnessing new revolutions and is becoming a part of everyday life in the world. He clarified that 45 percent of mobile phones in operation today are smartphones, while 60 percent of those purchased today are smartphones, and this trend is expected to increase as the global population increases.

Alahmed continued: “Etisalat has provided its customers with the necessary infrastructure through a variety of achievements; namely the most recent launch of the LTE network. The first and widest network in the region is considered a revolution in terms of information sharing and enhancing remote learning through the high speeds it offers, which can reach up to 100 megabytes.”

Etisalat has a large base of about 1.2 million subscribers in smart phones which support mobile broadband services. Internet and data made service contributed to about AED8 billion of Etisalat Group revenues, while internet and data ratio made up 34% of Etisalat’s revenues. The Corporation continues to implement plans and strategies to harness this technology to improve a number of sectors in society including education.

Alahmed also discussed Etisalat’s efforts towards supporting e-learning and mobile learning though its various partnerships with educational institutions in the UAE, such as Zayed University, where m-education services were launched enabling students and teachers to gain instant access to their courses and content on their smart devices. He disclosed information on the agreement between Etisalat and Abu Dhabi Education Council, where Etisalat has built an advanced infrastructure for 250 schools in Abu Dhabi.

Alahmed also highlighted the leading initiatives undertaken by Etisalat to support technological learning in the country. Etisalat in 2004 signed an agreement with Ministry of Education to provide e-learning content in Arabic language. Moreover, in 2005 the Corporation provided more than 7500 PCs to approximately 745 schools. In addition, in 2011 Etisalat signed an agreement to support the e-library project at the Higher Colleges of Technology.


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