Report on business opportunities in Dubai underway


Dubai FDI, the foreign direct investment (FDI) office in the Department of Economic Development (DED), has formed a partnership with the international business consultancy The Business Year (TBY) to produce ‘The Business Year: Dubai 2012’, a comprehensive report on the economic opportunities in Dubai.

A memorandum to this effect was recently signed by Fahad Al Gergawi, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai FDI, and Betul Cakaloglu, Country Director of TBY. The report will be released in the third quarter of 2012, and distributed extensively, both locally and internationally.

“It’s the right time for Dubai to showcase its economic strengths on a global stage as the entire world is looking for sustainable and competitive investment opportunities. Dubai FDI’s partnership with The Business Year is part of our efforts to provide high quality economic intelligence on Dubai and encourage investors worldwide to explore Dubai’s unique business landscape,” Al Gergawi stated.

Commenting on the partnership, Cakaloglu referred to the importance of Dubai as one of the most stable economies in the Middle East, with a sustainable growth rate and a strategic location that makes the emirate a vital trading hub, both regionally and globally. “TBY is delighted to be partnering with Dubai FDI, and looks forward to collaborating closely on the co-publishing of The Business Year: Dubai 2012,” she added.

At over 200 pages, The Business Year: Dubai 2012 will be the most comprehensive English language review of Dubai’s economy available internationally. The report will serve to highlight the ongoing development and diversification of the Dubai economy, and draw attention to the host of investment opportunities that remain in spite of the global economic downturn.

The TBY team will spend six to eight months in Dubai, conducting interviews with close to 200 top private and public sector decision makers, to be featured in the report. As well as the direct experiences, insights and outlooks of locally based executives, the book will feature a number of international guest speakers discussing bilateral trade relations.

The TBY research will focus on all major sectors of the economy including finance, industry, retail, energy, green technology, ICT, transport, real estate and construction, health and education, and tourism. The key topics highlighted will include the Dubai Strategic Plan for 2015, recovery following the global economic downturn, and the 2012 outlook for the economy in general.


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