Social media drives 60% customer retention rate


Retail concept and trendy products glitter with online and social media audiences

2011 turnover hikes 175 per cent over 2010

Social media campaigns responsible for commercial success. VIPERA COSMETICS, the leading European cosmetics brand, announced a 175 per cent hike in revenues over 2010 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The growth was attributed to a generally improving economic environment, continuous expansion of kiosks across the UAE, a spike in demand among younger customers and effective marketing and social media campaigns. VIPERA’s sales results showed a high level of loyalty to the brand where 60 per cent of the sales were attributed to return customers.

Social media was a key factor in VIPERA COSMETICS’ awareness campaign in the UAE. According to a report from Omnicom Media Group, Facebook claims 2.6 million users in the UAE, growing an amazing 75 percent in 2011. Businesses that aggressively adopted social media witnessed increased revenue of 18 per cent last year, while the least active saw sales drop 6 per cent.

“From the outset, we engaged directly with our target audience by continuously reaching out with information that involved their everyday lives,” said Amit Gandhi, Co-Founder and Director, VIP Ventures, Master Franchisee of VIPERA COSMETICS. “We designed fun competitions and awareness programs specifically for social media. We managed to build a loyal online following which allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of the market.”
Having carved a niche in the UAE market with its key presence across the Emirates, VIP Ventures signed a partnership with Zain Gulf Group to open 60 kiosks in Saudi Arabia. This was followed by a new partnership in Oman with Future Brands Investments LLC. The VIPERA COSMETICS kiosk offers a novel format for selling cosmetics in the Region that offers high visibility and easy access to passers-by to test our products.

With one of the largest color offerings of any cosmetics brand (over 300 colors of nail polish) and European quality cosmetics at very competitive prices, VIPERA COSMETICS has built a successful brand over the past two decades, enabling it to operate more than 4000 points-of-sale across 14 European countries.

VIPERA COSMETICS is set to launch a wide range of new products in 2012, catering to the high demand for beauty products, strong mall culture and high disposable income levels found in the region.


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