How to Win Friends, Influence People in Digital Age

  • Dale Carnegie Training Chairman to visit UAE to mark the organization’s 100th Anniversary
  • Peter Handal in an exclusive trip to the region will introduce DCT’s 100th Anniversary Success Workshop – ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age’

As Dale Carnegie Training®, the global engagement partner, celebrates its 100 Anniversary this year, the organization’s Chairman and CEO Peter Handal will make an exclusive trip to the UAE to mark the occasion. He will introduce the 100th Anniversary Success Workshop, titled “How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age”.

Peter Handal will be in the UAE February 1 & 2.

“The UAE, in its quest to build a knowledge-based society, has pioneered advanced learning and development initiatives in the region,” said Rasha Zeitoun, Managing Director of Dale Carnegie Training in the UAE. “Mr. Handal’s decision to visit the UAE for the 100th Anniversary commemoration of Dale Carnegie Training – which has a presence in more than 85 countries – itself outlines the remarkable progress made by this Gulf state in ensuring that its people have every opportunity to develop their skills and achieve their full potential.”

“Building human capital through training and continuous skills improvement is critical for the development of any nation’s workforce, and I’m very encouraged to see the rapid strides made by countries in the Middle East in this important area,” says Handal. “This is especially true of GCC states such as the UAE, where corporations are increasingly aware of the business benefits of employee skill development and where governments are making committed efforts to build a national talent pool that can compete at a global level. I believe that, together, these initiatives could help to unlock the true potential of the region’s enormous human capital.”

The 100th Anniversary Success Workshop, based on the new best-selling book, will focus on maximizing your career potential through a mastery and understanding of new technologies.

With today’s workforce “plugged in” and in touch with hundreds, if not thousands, of people and clients through smart phones and tablets, Dale Carnegie Training has adapted its essential, time-tested human relations principles to the actual digital landscape. For 100 years, Dale Carnegie Training has helped employees to move to the next phase of their careers through a clear and straightforward understanding of human communication styles and principles. The 100th Anniversary Success Workshop will ensure that today’s DCT generation will continue to have the same success.

The workshop will cover the most effective ways for employees to utilize available technology to support workplace creativity, and strengthen relationships through social networking. In addition to gaining an understanding of the potential of technology, the course will also help define limits and balance between work and life in the new 24/7/365 world. Finally, the course will also focus on the basic interpersonal tenets that have defined the world-renowned Dale Carnegie brand for the past century.

“Dale Carnegie Training has been the destination for performance improvement training for a century, and with the introduction of our new workshop, we are excited to provide the most up-to-date digital workplace training workshop on the market,” says Handal. “At Dale Carnegie Training, we know how essential it is to grow and change with new workplace advancements, and we look forward to sharing our insight into the new digital landscape in the new workshop.”