Dubai Dolphinarium welcomed world’s 14th best boxer


Armenian-German professional boxer, IBF Middleweight Champion, the 14th best boxer in the world – Arthur Abraham is in Dubai for the first time!!

“I am really amazed by Dubai. I have heard about it, but I couldn’t imagine how fascinating it is really until I saw it myself. Dubai is very modern, dynamic and really beautiful city. I will definitely visit it again”, said Arthur Abraham.

Yesterday, King boxer was hosted by Dubai Dolphinarium, at the Creek Park. He watched the dolphin show and participated in the swimming session with the dolphins.

“Dubai Dolphinarium was the first place on my list to visit, because I love dolphins. For the first time in my life I swam with these wonderful creatures, it was fantastic! Now I love them more!! ”, said Arthur Abraham. “I have seen dolphin shows in other countries, but this one was the best so far”, added Arthur.

Arthur Abraham’s visit at the Dubai dolphinarium was a great surprise for everyone. Many visitors and dolphinarium staff members didn’t want to lose their once-in-a-life-time chance of having their pictures taken with the World Champion and ask for his autograph!!


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