RTA offers distinctive plates through 9th Online Auction on Dec 20

  • Numbers offered to include distinctive 3-digit number plates for the first time

The Licensing Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), is offering for the first time distinctive 3-digit Dubai number plates, over and above the 4 and 5-digit plates of the codes K-I-J-G-E-H-F, through the 9th Online Auction. Registration for the Auction will open 13 Dec 2011 and runs for a week leading to the Auction which will kick off on Dec 20 and last for 3 days.

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According to Nasir Al Haj, Acting Director of RTA’s Vehicles Licensing, the forthcoming Auction would include about 100 distinguished 3, 4 and 5-digit plates in a bid to reward the customers frequently taking part in online auctions and contributing to their success. RTA opted on this course of action as it is keen on probing the public views, meeting customer expectations, and delivering advanced quality services to gain their satisfaction, he added.

“The previous online auctions have well been received by all segments of the community as they were offered full liberty in selecting the plates that suit them in a hassle-free environment and no waiting time. The process contributed to boosting the portfolio of the online services offered by the Licensing Agency in the context of its annual plan aimed at raising the bar on the quality services rendered to keep abreast of the phenomenal technological advancements in place.

“Participation in the online auction is made possible by registering through diverse communication channels such as RTA website (www.rta.ae), Deira or Bur Dubai Licensing Centers, Main Customer Service Center or the Unified Services Municipal Center at Al Tawar. Potential bidders are also required to have a traffic file in Dubai Emirate and tender a guarantee of AED10,000 refundable in case no successful bid is made,” continued Al Haj.

As for the online payment method of the required amount through RTA portal, the Acting Director of Vehicles Licensing said that the process could be completed by means of a credit card, e-Dirham, a cheque made to the amount of the guarantee deposited at the approved service center, or by communicating with the Customer Service Team through dialing the toll-free RTA Call Center on 8009090.