First Arabic supported Online Shooting Game set to hit MENA Market


Action and explosions are about to hit the Arabian gaming scene, as Abu Dhabi based Tahadi Games, the leading Arabian Online Games publisher in the Middle East, readies the launch of the globally successful online shooting game; Point Blank. Developed by Zepetto, Point Blank will be the first online First Person Shooter game released with Arabic support in the MENA region.

Point Blank, extremely popular in the USA, is played by over 20 million gamers worldwide. It is the No.1 shooting game in Russia, Thailand and Indonesia, and is massively success in the competitive markets of Brazil and Philippines. Not only has this game propelled the online games market, it has also accelerated the internet growth of many markets. The number of internet users has grown exponentially solely for experiencing the fast-paced action of this online shooting game.

Game play is at the heart of Point Blank and players may find it easy to learn but difficult to master. The game offers years of challenge and competition. Reactive environments and carefully crafted maps create an intense game play experience that raises the bar for immersion in MMO shooters. Point Blank requires that their players join forces with different teams to conquer and control the country of Korogese.

Destructible environments, customizable characters, responsive controls quick game play, multiple fighting techniques and endless upgradable and modifiable weapons are only a few examples of what Point Blank offers. The player engages in continuous missions expanding their overall objective while also building endless excitement.

“As an avid Arabic gamer, I am proud to bring the best online shooter in the world to my brothers. Nothing but the best; Action, Exciting Gameplay, Awesome Weapons, and we promise to have the best online shooter gamer community!” said Ashraf Mirghani, Product Manager at Tahadi Games.

The MENA region has remarkable potential for creating regional tournaments and championships, given the large number of avid Arabic players and teams spread across the international FPS communities. Tahadi Games is uniting this community, enabling them to get the international recognition by participating in international championships.

Tahadi Games will start the closed beta testing phase of Point Blank on 22nd October 2011, while the official Arabic open beta launch is set one month later. Tahadi Games has just opened its first exclusive limited beta testing. Hurry up and register quickly, as the seats are limited and it is on a first come first register basis!


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