Dubai Bank launches search for talented young artists

  • Ramadan competition winner to provide artwork for Dubai Bank’s Eid advertisement
  • Part of Dubai Bank’s long-term commitment to offer customers a personalised banking experience

In line with its long-term commitment to offer customers a personalised banking experience, Dubai Bank today began a search for talented young artists as it announced the launch of its Ramadan drawing competition. The winner of the competition will have their artwork featured in Dubai Bank’s Eid advertisement.

For the next two weeks, Dubai Bank is encouraging its customers’ children to participate in the two-staged competition. In the first stage, children can submit their best drawing via Dubai Bank’s website where after a panel of experts will asses all entries to create a shortlist of 20 artists to go through to the second stage.

The finalists will be invited with their parents to a friendly gathering during Ramadan, where they will be asked to express their highest level of artistic creativity around the theme of Eid. From the 20 finalists, one will be selected to feature his/her work as the main visual in Dubai Bank’s Eid communications.

Mr. Mohammed Juma Ahmed, Head of Corporate Communications, Dubai Bank, said: “Competitions like this typically provide an avenue of encouragement for children to discover and develop their creative skills; it is for this purpose that Dubai Bank launched this contest as a means to actively engage young people. Ultimately the winner’s work will appear right across the UAE as part of the bank’s official Eid Greeting campaign.”

The competition is open to children aged 5-13 years whose parents are Dubai Bank customers. Entries can be submitted via the Dubai Bank website.

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