ASUS launches “ASUS 1156 Overclocking Championship” for GCC participants


The countdown has begun! ASUS today announced the launch of its online “ASUS 1156 overclocking championship”, based on INTEL 1156 socket systems.* The competition which begins on September 20th 2010 is open to all Asus users in the Gulf and will last for 8 weeks with weekly give-aways and winners.

ASUS 1156 is an online competition organized and regulated by ASUS and based on overclocking. The competition is open to all users with an ASUS motherboard such as PC, ASUS notebook, EeePC, EeeBox, etc. All gamers, overclockers, power users with their ASUS based** INTEL 1156 socket systems can join and compete for the throne of the ASUS 1156 Champion.

Additionally there will also be 8 different weekly competitions, and each allowing the participant to win one great ASUS product. To be eligible for the competition, participants can go to and register.

Competitors will gather points weekly based on their rankings, and the one with the highest score will be the ASUS 1156 Overclocking Champion. In addition to the overall champion and weekly winners, there will be yet another category; the country championship in the event finale.

At the end of the competition, the competitor with the highest points in his/her country becomes the Country Champion and gets the Country Champion Prize***. The country champion is the one who gets the highest score from each country (valid only for participant countries). Participant countries: TURKEY, IRAN, UAE, EGYPT, SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRALIA

Lucky Winners
All ASUS motherboard users from the Gulf can join the competition and win a lucky draw prize each week of the championship, i.e. any user with an ASUS mainboard in his/her PC, ASUS notebook, EeePC, EeeBox etc. is eligible for a lucky draw prize every week.


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