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With online shopping becoming the most convenient way to receive what you need without the time consuming trip to the mall, online shopping stores are quickly turning into  the latest hit on the web. This is now happening in Dubai, where the summer heat keeps many in their air-conditioned homes. Across the globe the trend is a routine and even children are familiar with online shopping for toys and outdoor active games.

Imagine the power of Google search focused only on shopping. This is – one of the top 10000 sites in the world, according Alexa web ranking.

ShopWiki is an Internet shopping search engine founded in 2005 and launched in early 2006. It was founded by the former DoubleClick CEO Kevin P. Ryan, the former CTO and DoubleClick co-founder Dwight Merriman and Eliot Horowitz. Their primary distinguisher is crawling the internet for stores instead of using data feeds from merchants.

As a consumer shopping search engine that offers the most comprehensive results for both stores and products, ShopWiki uses crawling technology to find anything and everything on the internet, from the latest games and educational toys,  so useful now during the summer holidays, to everything else you can imagine.

The website does not sell any products alone, but it simply helps users find any product available for sale on the Web. ShopWiki’s robots actively crawls the Internet to find and organize the widest selection of products from more than 250,000 online merchants.


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