The board of Nakheel will take over Limitless


The board of Dubai World subsidiary Nakheel will take over the responsibility of Limitless, another developer owned by the Dubai World, and will work on supporting the EZW’s businesses in accordance with the global and regional economic situation to further boost its interest in using the available opportunities, according to the media office.
“The board will work on developing the operations of the company, which succeeded in building a global reputation as a Dubai’s first economic zone, to attract foreign investments to industries and services as part of efforts to diversify the emirate’s economy, increase the national income, contribute to economic development and boost foreign trade,” the media office said.

The higher committee overseeing Dubai World and its subsidiaries has also announced the appointment of a new board for its Economic Zones World (EZW), a firm which sets up and operates business parks.

Hisham Abdullah Al Shirawi, vice chairman of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was appointed as EZW’s chairman, a statement from Dubai Government Media Office said. Ahmed Ghanem Al-Mutaiwei, Mohammed Abdul Rehman Al-Ashram, Mohammed Abdul Hadi Al-Husaini and Mana’ Mohammed Saeed Al-Mulla were appointed as members of the board.


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