Watani volunteers distribute Harees in Dhaid


Watani re-energizes Harees distribution tradition in Al Dhaid

Harees 1 Further energising the tradition of Harees distribution in Al Dhaid, Watani volunteers accompanied by Khalifa Bin Hwaiden, Member of the Federal National Council; Saeed Al Kaabi from the Al Dhaid Club and a number of Sharjah scouts distributed Harees plates before Iftar to the residents of Bin Tunaij and Bin Ketb communities.

Khalifa Bin Hwaiden said the distribution of Harees highlights the UAE heritage and traditions of caring for the community during the Holy Month of Ramadan. “I thank Watani for its relentless efforts in preserving our heritage and culture amongst the community members, particularly youth.”

He added: “The responsibility of reinforcing our national identity is upon all UAE nationals. This move is a first in the region and is aimed re-energizing our traditions and local customs. The visit today reminded me of my childhood when we used to distribute Harees to neighbors and friends. We hope to conserve our rich heritage to serve as a strong link between our families and communities.”

Harees 2Saeed Al Kaabi said: “I thank Watani’s officials for their efforts in imprinting the national identity and national spirit amongst youth through different activities organized throughout the UAE. We aim to help needy people and enhance the spirit of participation and strengthen community bonding.”

Amjad, a volunteer scout who participated in the initiative, said that Watani provided him with a golden opportunity to interact with community members in reliving the Hrees tradition. He stated: ” Harees distributing is a very old tradition and this initiative has further taught us to help needy people during Ramadan.”

Ahmed Sultan, one of the volunteers who enrolled with Watani since its start, expressed his enthusiasm over his participation in many heritage celebrations especially Harees distribution, a tradition passed on to generations in the Emirates. He noted: “The people received us warmly and I  felt as if being part of the local community.”

Haress 3Ahmed Al Mansouri, Director General of Watani, said: “The activity helps us in reliving our customs and traditions passed to us by our forefathers as they are rich in values that promote communication between community members. Watani has adopted the Harees distribution initiative in the UAE. This move is very important because it aims at strengthening the Emirati values that we are keen to preserve during Ramadan and throughout the year.”


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