Emirates Co-operative Society to reduce prices during Ramadan

Emirates Co-operative Society, announced today that it will launch from Thursday a promotion to reduce prices of 60 basic items, mostly food stuff items, at all its branches in Al Garhoud, Al Safouh, Al Jafliya, Al Tawar 3, Al Mizhar 2 and Hatta by 5- 30 per cent during the Holy month of Ramdan.

Farid Al Shamandi, acting manager general of Emirates Co-operative Society, said in a statement today that “the decision is in line with the policies and directives of the board, as well as directives from the Ministry of Economy in this respect. The decision will help balance of the market, curb trade exploitation phenomenon and break monopoly”.

He added that the reduction of prices during Ramadan will cover: rice, oil, frozen chicken, fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, cheese, sugar, vimpto drink, flour, dried milk and different canned items, aluminium paper, dishes, plastic, electronic and domestic items.

Al Shamandi noted that the cooperative society is keen to provide wholesale Ramadan basket at AED300. It includes: 20 kg of Pakistani rice, 10kg of flour, 10kg of sugar, 1.8 litres of oil, 2.5kg of dried milk, and 100 of canned tomato salad.


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