Germany’s highest honour bestowed on UAE’s Emirates Airlines’ chairman


Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airlines and Group Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum was awarded the Verfassungsportugaleser, one of Germany’s highest honors, for outstanding services to the City of Hamburg.

Sheikh Ahmed received the Verfassungsportugaleser, a gold medal previously awarded to Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, from Senator of Economics Axel Gedaschko during a Senate reception on Monday 28th July as Emirates is celebrating more success in a landmark week for the airline following the arrival of its first A380.

Many Emirates senior officials, representatives from A380 manufacturer Airbus and German delegates gathered at Hamburg’s Town Hall to celebrate the handover of an A380 double-decker aircraft to the Dubai-based airline.

During an address to the congregation, Sheikh Ahmed said: “While our relationship with Germany began in 1987 with services to Frankfurt, we established strong bonds with Hamburg in 2006 when we started flying to your magnificent city.

“In this short span of time, Emirates and Hamburg have crossed many bridges together.

And this morning we have taken delivery of our first A380 – the flagship of our future fleet – from your city. I’m grateful to the city of Hamburg for the rousing reception and for a place in your hearts and minds.